Working on one of my books  today. 

I know, it’s Sunday, but I don’t make a difference between ‘workdays’ or ‘the weekend’.

I used to!

I mean, that’s how most people think of their time, especially people who have jobs: you have workdays, weekends, and days off.

But I stopped letting what day it is dictate what I do or don’t do.

I follow my intuition and inspiration, regardless of what day or time it is.

If, like today, I feel inspired to ‘work’ on a Sunday, I do.

If it feels inspired to ’not work’ on a Monday, that’s what I do.

The reason I wrote ‘work’ instead of work, is that I stopped differentiating between what is and what is not considered work as well.

I mean, what is ‘work’ anyway? 

Is it something you do for money?  Not really. When I do admin people will generally think of that as work, even though no one pays me to do it.

Is it something that’s related to your business? Not necessarily. When I just stare at the sky and receive a download for a blog post, is staring at the sky suddenly work? And when you don’t get any inspiration it’s not?

I understand why people think about work as something you do for money on specific days and times—I did that myself for most of my life, too!

But I’ve found that thinking in terms of ‘work’ and ‘workdays’ and ‘off days’ and ‘free time’ is super constricting for me.

Since I stopped thinking about life like this (because at its core, this is how you view your life and how you live!), I feel liberated.

It doesn’t matter what day or time it is. I don’t have to think about it.

I only have to feel:

What calls me now?

What feels inspired?

What wants to be done through me now?

And then, I act on what comes up.

How about you?

Do you let what day or time it is dictate what you do?

Or do you follow what calls you, too?



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