Someone sent me a birthday wish yesterday.

She wrote:

“It seems you are on the path of ‘it’s just getting better and better’.”

I LOVE that. 

That’s definitely my intention and attitude towards life!

And it’s my experience that things ARE getting better and better for me.

I keep gaining more inner freedom, inner peace, inner wisdom, joy—all the things that TRULY matter.

I made a conscious decision to expect life to keep bringing me better things many years ago, when I read one of Louise Hay’s newsletters.

She wrote that it was her 80th birthday, and how excited she was to see the beauty and magic her next decade would bring her. 

That struck me.

Until then, I had NEVER EVER seen an 80-year-old who was excited about the next decade of their life.

On the contrary! NONE of the older people I ever saw seemed to enjoy getting older. They just seemed to slowly stop living. They all seemed to shrink, and their lives shrunk, until one day, they were gone.

I’d never seen an example of someone growing older with enthusiasm, filled with life, excited about what’s next, still doing work they loved and loving the life they lived.

Until I read what Louise Hay wrote on her 80th birthday.

I remembered what I vowed as a kid:

That I’d live my life in ways that I LOVED and do work that I LOVED.That’s what I was already doing, and I knew I’d continue to live that way until my last breath.

But Louise’s words inspired me to set a new intention and expect even more:

To expect that everything keeps getting better and better. And to always be open to let life surprise and delight you in the most beautiful ways.

What do you expect about life, your future, and what it will bring you?

What are you unconsciously expecting?

If that’s not something that makes you happy, shift your perspective.

Your expectations tend to shape your life, so be mindful of them.

(And if you’re not in love with your business or life right now? I can help. Check out my 1-1 coaching here and apply for a spot if it speaks to you here.

It’s never too soon to live a life you love!)



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