Even though I love a simple life and like things that are simple, I am VERY good at complicating things.

Sometimes, because I overthink something. 

Sometimes, because I feel the need to be (overly) prepared.

Sometimes, because I think I need to know more or learn something BEFORE I can do the thing I feel inspired to do.

ALL of this stems from fear, of course.

The fear that I’m not good enough.

Fear that I’m not doing the right things or not doing them the right way.

These fears used to be BIG many years ago. 

They’re not that big anymore.

I’ve healed and shifted so much already, and now, they’re mere whispers in the background of my mind sometimes.

But … these whispers still take up mental bandwidth and energy.

And it’s just not necessary!

Over thinking never leads to positive results.

Over preparing isn’t necessary either.

It’s tiring and draining and I am DONE with it.

I’m all about ease and feeling calm and relaxed at all times.

(As much and as often as possible.)

And I’m always expanding my inner freedom.

So, I commit to SIMPLIFYING again.

I love simplicity.

It makes business and life so much better and more enjoyable!

Are you over complicating things too sometimes?

(I bet you are. ;-))

What feels complicated or hard right now?

What if you let it be easy?

What would it look like then?




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