On this episode, I interview Sandra de Vos. Sandra is a multidimensional sound healer. Some see her as a shaman, a channel, a cosmic traveler or even an energetic vacuum cleaner. If you mix it all together, you get close to describing her.

Whatever you call it or how you describe it, one thing is certain: what Sandra does is different. Very different. Many people will think it’s weird (and she used to think so herself).

Listen to this episode and hear:


👉How Sandra went from being a marketing manager to a multidimensional sound healer;

👉How she overcame shame and being afraid others would think she was weird;

👉How to make money while following your soul and doing things that are completely new, different, and even weird for yourself and others;

👉What it takes to fulfill your full potential and soul’s path;

👉The best ways to transform your fears and move forward even when you’re scared.

Sandra shared a wealth of inspiration.

She also shared a short energy transmission in which she expressed cosmic sounds and light language.

It was beautiful and moved me to tears!

After we wrapped up the interview, Sandra realized there was one more thing she wanted to share:

It doesn’t matter to her how big her audience is.

The only thing that matters to Sandra is that she shares her work with those who resonate with it.

She doesn’t have to please everyone and it’s not important to her that everyone should like her. The only thing that matters is to reach the people that resonate with her work.

(Hint: the same is true for you!)

 If you want to connect with Sandra, read more about her work, or book a session with her, you can find her website here.

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