I’ve been watching a lot of Project Runway lately—a design contest for fashion designers.

Not that I’m particularly interested in fashion, but I am a sucker for series where talented, creative people are challenged to create cool things and celebrate their talents.

What always strikes me is how similar the advice is that people get from judges, whether it’s in cooking contests, fashion design contests, interior design contests or glassblowing contests. (Yep, I watch and enjoy it all!).

It’s the same advice I always give my own clients.

These are the key tips all contestants get:

Be true to yourself and your own style.

Do whatever you do with love.

Always listen to your intuition.

Don’t overthink it.

In one of the episodes of Project Runway I watched last week, one of the contestants shared how she was constantly told (even in design school!) to tone it down and be more normal.

In Project Runway, she was finally complimented for her quirkiness.

“Celebrate your weirdness”, the judges said. “Channel your inner quirkiness and let it out full force. Lean into who the hell you are. Your work won’t be for everyone, and that is perfect. Just lean into who you are!”

I loved that they told her this.

And I want to say the same to you.

Whatever makes you YOU, is what attracts the people who are meant to be and work with you.

Whatever you create or do, it won’t be everyone.

And that is perfect. It’s the right fit for those your work (and you) are meant for.

Lean into who the hell you are, and let out your inner quirkiness, weirdness, or whatever it is that makes you YOU!




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