I have so much to do, and none of the actions on my list feel inspired.

Years ago, I’d have pushed through. I’d have forced myself to do something, ANYTHING, to avoid feeling useless or like I was wasting my time.

Or I’d give in to doing nothing, read a book, and feel guilty the whole time.

Now, I know better.

I know that when I don’t feel inspired to do something, it’s either not the right action or not the right time to do it.

(I check if there’s something I fear or resist to make sure I’m not self-sabotaging, though! Fear can paralyze you, so it seems like you’re not inspired to do something when in fact now IS the right time to do it.)

Pushing yourself to do something when it’s not the right time (or not the right action to take) never works. You don’t enjoy what you’re doing; the result will be so-so; and it takes much more time. I’ve experienced this often enough!

It can still be tempting to force myself to do something.

Sometimes you just want to tick things off your to-do list or get them done already.

I thought I’d have written the back blurb for my book ‘The Happy Hermit – how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur’ by now for example. That’s just one of the (many) things I still have to do before the book is ready to be published.

But … it’s not the right time yet.

And I KNOW that there’s no point to sit down and write it. I already know what will happen: I’ll be writing, scrapping, editing, and rewriting for hours, only to throw it all away and start anew when the time IS right. (And then it’s finished quicker and turns out better.)

Following your intuition and inspired actions isn’t always easy.

Sometimes, this means to do something you don’t feel like. Other times, this means to NOT do something you want to get done.

But when you listen to your intuition, it ALWAYS pays off. Always.

If you listened to what TRULY calls you in this moment, you forget about your to-do list and don’t let your fears distract you:

What would you do (or not do!) today?





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