I haven’t posted much on social media over the past three weeks.

Before that, I posted new content daily. That’s what business coaches always say is important: consistency. If you’re not consistent, people will forget you! Plus, the algorithms! I doubt anyone knows how these work EXACTLY (and once you know, everything changes again), but apparently it’s important to make a regular appearance on the socials, or else!

I see the value of being consistent.

I understand that it’s important to make yourself visible regularly.

But there’s ONE thing that’s more important:

Following your intuition and what feels right. And sometimes, that goes against what you’ve been taught or what your mind thinks is important.

These past three weeks, posting on social media didn’t feel right, inspired, or necessary.

I wasn’t scared and I wasn’t hiding.  (I checked.) I had nothing to say, nothing to give and nothing to share. For whatever reasons, NOT posting on social media regularly was the right thing to do.

Perhaps not right according to ‘rules’ and ‘shoulds’ in marketing.

But right in the ONLY way that matters:

It was what my soul guided me to do.

If you feel that something is right, even if it goes against what everyone preaches and teaches, DO IT.

Always follow your intuition and soul. Trust yourself and your inner wisdom over anyone & anything else. Including in your marketing!!

Today, I felt inspired to share this with you.

Maybe this is the start of regular social media posts and blogs again. Maybe it isn’t.

I don’t know, I don’t care, and I don’t HAVE to know. All I have to do is follow what feels right in each moment.

If you trusted that following your intuition was the best thing for you, including in your marketing, what would you do (or let go of) today?

(And if you want to learn how to follow your intuition and soul in your marketing, my master class ‘Marketing from Soul’ is for you! Check it out here.)



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