I see a lot of posts today about the war in Ukraine.

Many people feel bad and wonder what they can do.

They feel helpless, and I understand that.

However, we’re not powerless.

I think there are three things we can do.

The first is offer practical help.

You can donate money to organizations who help refugees or support peace in some way.

The second thing you can do is send healing energy and love to people / countries.

Love has real power, and the more people send love to certain areas in the world or to the entire planet, the more effect it will have.

You can visualize the globe surrounded in love, for example.

It doesn’t really matter how you do it. Just intend to send love and / or healing energy, that’s all it takes.

The third thing you can do is extremely powerful, yet perhaps the most challenging:

Heal all wars in your own life.

Heal your relationships with others and above all, heal your relationship with yourself.

Amp up your self-love.

The more you love yourself, the more you can love and accept others.

The more people love themselves, the more people love others and the planet, the more peaceful the world becomes.

So many people are at war with themselves.

They treat themselves harsh, reject parts of themselves, criticize themselves, dislike or even hate (parts of) themselves.

Heal that.

You’ll be better off when you do.

And the world will be better off, too.

We’re all one.

Every healed person contributes to the healing of all.

Every little bit of love you spread increases the amount of love on the planet.

And every person who raises their energy and vibration, if only a little bit, raises the vibration of all.

Love is the answer.

And you have the power to love more every moment of every day.





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