This morning, I felt grumpy and had a pretty negative state of mind.

No big deal. I have plenty of tools to shift myself out of that.⁣

(AFTER I processed any emotions that want to be seen and felt. Suppressing emotions is NEVER a good idea.)⁣

But I noticed something today that I’ve seen myself do before.⁣

Chances are YOU sometimes do this, too:⁣

I was actively feeding my negativity.⁣

By reading Tweets about topics that are guaranteed to bring down my mood for example.⁣

I snapped myself out of it quickly. So I’m back to my natural state of well-being—no advice needed. :-)⁣

I KNOW you sometimes feed your negativity and fears, too.

Most of us do!⁣

Next time you notice yourself doing it, STOP IT.⁣

You can give your attention to only ONE thing at a time. ⁣

What you give your attention to, determines how you feel.⁣

It determines the quality of your LIFE.⁣

So, how do you stop?⁣

By recognizing that YOU are the one who has 100% power to choose what you give your attention to.⁣

And by consciously choosing what you focus on:⁣

On thoughts, actions, circumstances and experiences that improve your life, results, and well-being? ⁣

Or on things that brings you down and decrease your level of well-being?⁣

It’s your choice … it really is!⁣


Again, I’m NOT suggesting to think positively at all cost, suppressing your feelings and emotions along the way!!!⁣

I’m talking about the times you are focusing on things that make you feel worse on autopilot.⁣

AND the times you’re 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘷𝘦𝘭𝘺 focusing on feeding your negativity.⁣

If the latter is something you regularly do, it’s also a good idea to ask yourself what the payoff of that behavior is.⁣

There’s ALWAYS a payoff.

If there wasn’t, you wouldn’t be doing it.⁣

(For me, the payoff this morning was to keep me in a foul mood so I didn’t have to do something I dreaded doing.) (And yes, I’ve done it now, thank you for asking ;-))⁣

⭐️ What are you giving your conscious  attention to? To things that uplift you and improve your well-being? Or to things that bring you down and make you feel worse? ⁣



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