That you want something doesn’t automatically mean you’re ready to receive it.

When my clients tell me about something they want, I always know if they’re energetically ready for it. I sense it in their energy. If I sense they’re not open to receive it, work on that first. Because there’s NO point in trying to manifest something if you’re not ready for it yet.

If you’re not open to receive something there are two ways to deal with that: either change your goal OR make an internal shift.

Getting what you want starts with knowing if you’re ready to receive it.

Sometimes you’re not open to receive something because you’re scared. Afraid of what you think you must do to realize your dream. Or you fear that there’s a downside to getting what you want.

Sometimes you’re not ready because you aim too low. You’re not going for what you REALLY want, but for what you think you can get.

If you want to realize your dreams, goals, and desires, you need to always check:

#1 Is this what you REALLY want? Are you 100% sure?

#2 Are you ready and open to receive what you want? On a scale of 1 (NOT ready) to 10 (bring it on; I’m ready!), how open are you?

Answering these questions is often hard.

Your fears and doubts show up shout over the quieter voice of your intuition and inner knowing.

So pay attention to what happens in your body.  Notice the answers that come up BEFORE your fears / rational mind kick in.

What is it you TRULY want? And are you ready to receive it?



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