Take a moment before you dive into your next action.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Tune into what you feel and what goes on inside you. Ask yourself one or more of these questions:

⭐️What’s in your highest good to do today?

⭐️What matters to you MOST—and how can you act on that?

⭐️What will bring you closer to realizing your dreams & goals today?

⭐️How do you most want to FEEL and what do you most want to EXPERIENCE? What can you do that will support that?

⭐️What does your soul want for you today?

Take a moment to tune in and connect to your wisdom, desires, and deep knowing BEFORE you jump into your to-do list.

Doing this makes the difference between being on purpose or being busy.

Between being run by YOU, your soul, and your dreams, or being run by others / your to-do-list / your fears. 

Between overworking and struggling or being in flow.

The choice is yours in every moment of every day:

❤️ If you had the courage to do what you deep down KNOW is the right thing to do (or not do!), what would you do next?

Focus on what TRULY matters—or not. It’s your choice, always!

To living on purpose,



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