Never giving up is considered a good thing.

I agree. As long as ALSO you know when to quit.

I NEVER give up on things that truly matter to me. I NEVER give up on things I deeply know are good for me.


I easily give up on things that are no longer aligned for me.

I am as good at quitting as I am at being committed to my true dreams.

Not giving up is great, but not at all costs. If something is (no longer) aligned with you or you no longer want it, please stop.

It’s good to be committed. And it’s good to be able to quit.

The trick is knowing when to quit and when to move forward.

I’m the queen of not giving up. But ONLY when it comes to things that are truly in my highest good. (Which aren’t always things I like to do or that come easy to me!!! But when I know it’s right for me? I don’t give up.)

But everything that’s not aligned, not in my highest good, doesn’t come from soul, and I also don’t love? I drop it. BAM and it’s gone. I’m ALSO the queen of quitting—of things that no longer matter. 🙂

⭐️ Is it time for you to quit something?

⭐️ Or is it time to renew your commitment to something you (almost) let go of?



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