Guilt. I see it in my clients regularly.

They feel guilty for wanting more than they have, because they already have it so much better than millions of people around the globe.

They feel guilty for wanting time alone without their kids. They feel guilty for having more money than their friends. They feel guilty for having a more fulfilling life than others. Or they feel guilty because things in their business seem to flow with more ease than it does for others.

I know the feeling, too.

I felt guilty when I decided to make my business & life 100% ideal for me, and no longer settle for less than that. The arrogance! The privilege! There are billions of people on the planet who’d KILL for the kind of life & business I was no longer willing to settle for! How DARE I want even more!

But there’s NOTHING to feel guilty about.


Because you being less happy doesn’t add more happiness to someone else’s life.

You being less healthy doesn’t make someone else healthier.

You making less money doesn’t mean someone else has more money in the bank.

You being less successful doesn’t make anyone else more successful.

You making yourself smaller doesn’t make someone else bigger.

You denying yourself more joy doesn’t add joy to someone else’s life.

NO ONE loses a shred of happiness because you dare become happier.

Quite the contrary!

The happier you are, the more happiness you spread around you.

Don’t deny yourself to want (and receive!) more of anything, even if you have a good life already.

And don’t feel guilty for what you have, how you live, or what you can do.

As long as you don’t gain something by actively taking it away from someone else, or you receive something at the direct expense of someone else, or your actions are directly responsible for destroying someone else’s life or livelihood, you’re not doing anything wrong.

❤️ If you stopped feeling guilty, what would you allow yourself more of? More freedom? More ease? More money? More love?

Whatever it is, give yourself permission to receive it.




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