Do you want to create a business and life you adore?

You can!

But there’s one important thing to know:

Creating a business and life you love is a process.

It’s NOT something you build once and, BAM, you’re done for life.

It’s a journey I can sum up for you in one sentence:

Be true to your heart, your soul, your desires, and your truth every day.

Sounds simple enough.

But in practice, this is where I see people stumble time and again:

You say you want to take Fridays off, but the moment a potential client wants to meet that day, you cave.

You don’t like working with client X anymore, but you don’t pull the plug because you’re afraid to fire a client.

You want to start a podcast but you’re scared so you don’t.

You need to set a boundary but that feels difficult so you don’t.

You don’t want to go to that party and you have no time for that favor but you don’t like saying no so you say yes anyway.

Your life is filled with seemingly little compromises and tolerations.

Because they’re only small, it’s easy to tell yourself it’s not a big deal.

But what you forget, is that these little things add up and drain your energy and zest for life. 

The good news is, that it’s easy to change.

All you have to do is bring your conscious awareness to one decision, one action at a time.

Before you do something, take a moment to feel:

⭐️ Is this what you REALLY want?

⭐️ Does this bring you more of what you want, or more of what you don’t want?

⭐️ Does this light you up or bring you down?

Be honest. Pay attention to what you feel and notice in your body when you ask yourself these questions.

Choose the option that feels best as often as you can.

Repeat daily.

Oh, and VERY important: be kind and gentle with yourself!

Sometimes you do X even when you know Y would be better.

Sometimes you’re tired, scared, cranky or sad, and you just can’t be arsed to take a moment to FEEL, you just want to ACT (or numb yourself).

It happens.

Love the part of you that’s cranky or scared.

Love the part of you that self-sabotages. Love the part of you that goes against your intuition.

It’s no big deal.

Just try to do better the next day or the next moment. It’s all good.

Decide to make your business and life as good as you can stand it.

Act in alignment with that decision daily, keep going as best you can, and watch your business and life transform. It WILL!!

It may take a while before your business and life transform BUT …

You’ll feel better, happier, and more alive the moment you start honoring your true desires!

Yes, it may feel uncomfortable at times.

But hey, life can feel uncomfortable even when you don’t honor your truth, intuition, and dreams. So you lose nothing there.

And if you keep going anyway?

You will learn that there’s NO limit to how free you can feel and how good life can get. 

If you were committed to creating a business and life you adore, what would you say ‘yes’ to today?

And what would you say ‘no’ to?

To living full out,



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