“But what if it doesn’t work out?!” 

It’s a fear that shows up for me at times. And I hear it from my clients all the time.

It’s a fear that can grow to ginormous proportions … if you LET it.

Because let’s be real.

So what if something doesn’t work out?

So what?

Will you die?

Will someone else die?

What’s the WORST that could happen?

I know it can feel like you’ll lose EVERYTHING when project Z doesn’t work out.

But will you lose absolutely EVERYTHING?


Are you 100% certain that you will lose all your material possessions, all the people in your life, your home, your car, your self-esteem, your will to live, your power, your … (fill in the blanks of whatever you fear you might lose)?

The truth is that:

  • You can’t be certain. You have NO idea what might happen.
  • Things not working out is part of being an entrepreneur.
  • Things not working out is part of life.

So what?

You learn and move on.

I’m a big fan of exploring your shadows, facing your fears, and addressing your issues.

But you don’t always have to dive in deep.

Sometimes, it’s best to not take your fears so seriously, to shrug your shoulders, and say ‘so what’?

In the words of Richard Branson:

“Screw it, just do it!”




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