This is the reason many people don’t follow their own path, but rather follow others / the crowd:

When you follow your own path, honor your truth, and stop adjusting who you are to please others, you can lose the people who are no longer aligned with you.

Your relationships change. Some improve. Some stay the same. And some, you lose.

You can lose the people who no longer understand you.

You can lose the people who feel triggered by your growth or are jealous of your path and accomplishments.

You can lose the people who had their own agenda for you—an agenda that’s not aligned with your highest good anymore.

And you can lose clients that are no longer a perfect fit for you and your work.

Most people are afraid of losing others.

Their fear keeps them in careers that don’t fulfill them and in relationships that don’t make their heart sing.

Their fear keeps them being and behaving in ways that no longer feel right.

Their fear keeps them compromising, sacrificing, and adjusting.

Yes, you may lose people when you follow your heart and walk your own path.



They ALWAYS do.

I’ve experienced this myself and have seen it in my clients over the past 20 years as well.

Yes, I lost people.

Yes, it sometimes hurt.

And yes, I’ve wondered if I’d find people who were on the same wavelength or if I’d always feel like an alien on this planet.

And here’s what I’ve learned:

You can ONLY find people who are on the same wavelength as you, when you vibrate on your own, true wavelength.

You can only find soulmate friendships, clients, and love, when you are true to your soul FIRST.

Walking your own path requires you to learn to like your own company. To be okay with others not understanding you or what you do. And to feel alone sometimes.

It’s not always easy.

But it’s SO worth it!

You will live the life that feels 100% RIGHT for you.

You will experience meaning and fulfillment.

And your soulmates WILL show up in all areas of your life, and these will be the BEST relationships and friendships you’ve EVER had.



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