When you think about achieving goals and dreams, the first questions you ask are usually:

What do I need to DO to make this happen?

HOW can I achieve this goal or manifest this dream?

(Oh, and you’re certain you’re pursuing your TRUE dreams and goals, and not a watered-down version of them, right? Read this blog to make sure.)

But those aren’t the most important questions you need to ask yourself.

There’s a far more important and powerful question you need to ask yourself:

Who (and how) do I need to BE to let this dream to unfold for me?

You see, who you are today has brought you to where you are today.

If you want to end up in a different place, you need to BE different first.

Most people think you need to DO something different if you want to GET something different.

And often, that’s true.


If you don’t make changes on the INSIDE first, NOTHING will change on the OUTSIDE.

You need to shed beliefs that don’t support where you want to go.

You need to heal anything that might block your growth and transformation.

What you need to shed, shift, and heal becomes clear when you answer that powerful question:

Who (and how) do you need to BE to let your dream or goal unfold for you?

Let me give you an example of what answering this question can look like.

One of my clients dreamed about being a speaker at a TEDx event. I asked her who she needed to BE to let that happen. What did she need to believe? What did she need to do or stop doing? What did the version of herself who delivered a successful speech at that event act and look like?

She realized she needed to be the one who takes a stand for her dream and decide to really GO for it. She needed to be the one who felt safe to be on stage and be seen. She needed to be someone who didn’t let a fear of criticism stop her. She needed to be the version of herself who took a stand for her message and point of view.

Getting clear on who she needed to be showed her what she needed to shift, heal, and transform to become a TEDx speaker.

I helped her get clear on the picture of the version of herself who was already a successful public speaker.

Once she had a clear idea of what that looked like, she could start to BE that successful public speaker-person right now.

With every decision she made, every action she took, she could ask herself: what would my successful public speaker self do? How would she handle this? What would she believe and let go of? How would she look at this situation?

Asking herself these questions helped her BE who she needed to be to fulfill her dream.

And as a logical result of BEING the person you need to be, you automatically DO the things you need to do.

You need to BE different before you can ACT different.

Focus on BEING before you think about doing.

Who do YOU need to be to realize your dreams?

How can you BE (and act) like her today?

To your dreams,

and becoming ever more of who you already are,



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