Did you take time to explore your dreams for 2022 yet?

If so, did you give yourself permission to dream as big and true as possible? 

I’ve been coaching people to uncover their true dreams and make them real for two decades, and here’s what I’ve seen over and over: 

Most people put limits on their dreams.

They go for what they think they can get instead of for what they really want.

And they usually don’t realize they’re watering down their true dreams until I ask them about their dreams. 

The reasons you limit your dreams are for example:

  • Your dream feels too big or too scary
  • You don’t believe it’s possible (at all or for you)
  • You worry what others will think about it (or about you)
  • You don’t know how to achieve it
  • You fear the price of realizing this dream will be too high
  • You’re afraid you’ll lose people when you go for your true dream (they ‘ll no longer understand you / accept you / love you)
  • You’re scared you won’t be able to make enough money when you pursue this dream.

Your fears and doubts get in the way and before you know it, you watered down your desires.

But here’s the thing:

Suppressing what you truly desire comes at a high price. 

You’ll continue to feel like something is missing from your life. 

You’ll never feel truly fulfilled.

You’ll always be searching for the missing piece in your business and life.

Or you’ll need to spend a lot of time numbing or distracting yourself from that nagging feeling that something’s not quite as it should be.

That’s because your true dreams come straight from your soul.

These deep desires are the signposts on your path. 

Your soul’s dreams are the very things your soul chose to experience in this beautiful lifetime of yours. 

That’s why your true dreams don’t leave you alone. You’re meant and born to follow them. 

AND … you have what it takes to make these dreams real.

You’re born for it!

So … 

Do you what your dreams are?

And are these your TRUE dreams?

Or are you (unconsciously) settling for what you think you can get?

Ask yourself this question to explore what it is you truly want:

If anything is possible, you feared nothing, and you trusted everything always works out for you perfectly, what would you then want?



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