Two days ago I wrote about letting go, and if there was something I was unwilling to let go of.

Yesterday, clarity came.

There is something I’m invited to let go of, and I’m pretty sure it’s something YOU can release as well:

The limited version of yourself.

The beliefs and stories that keep you anchored to a smaller version of what your life and purpose can be.

The ideas about yourself, life, others, and the world that aren’t true and no longer serve you.

The version of yourself that took you as far as possible and can’t take you any further than that.

The old you needs to go so the new you can come out.

Or, more accurately:

Yet another layer of who you are NOT wants to be released, so you can become even more true to who you already are, to your soul, to your true and real self.

Today I realized how many limiting and untrue beliefs and ideas about myself, others, life and the world I still carry around with me.

I thought I cleared most of that up, but apparently there’s still more to release.

And I’m happy to do that!

This is a task we all have in this life: to let go of everything we’re not so we can go back to being who we already were.

This is not a one-time thing, but an ongoing process because you always grow, you always change, you always expand. And with that, you keep outgrowing the one you were before.

❤️What perspectives and stories can you release now?

❤️What’s no longer true for you (and perhaps never was)?

❤️Are you willing to let go of what you are not to make space for more of your true, real self?




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