These 4 cups have been in my kitchen cupboard for years.

I never use them. I never look at them. They were standing in the way so I took them out all set to throw or give them away.

But I can’t. I’m unwilling to let go of them, and I don’t know why. A big part of that is the color. I LOVE that. A smaller part is that I think I could still use them—I just don’t know what for yet.

Whatever the reason, I’m not ready to part with them.

And that’s fine, they’re just cups.

But it got me thinking.

Where (if anywhere) else am I unwilling to let go?

What else might no longer have a place in my life anymore?

I don’t know if there’s anything else I’m unwilling to let go of.

But the fact that this question came up for me to begin with, tells me that there might be something there …

I asked my soul to bring me clarity, insights, and answers, so these will come at the perfect time. They always do.

In the meantime, these 4 cups stay where they are now: on my kitchen table. Standing in the way in a new place until I know what to do with them.

It’s not always easy to let go of a thing, a habit, a belief, a pattern, a person, or a way of being (I have a feeling that the latter is something that I’m about to release but not quite ready for yet), even when you’re glad to say goodbye to it.

In letting go of the unwanted you can still experience grief, if only a little bit.

That’s okay. the moment you acknowledge that is the moment you are free to let go of whatever it is that no longer serves you.

New experiences, next levels, growth, and expansion … they require space.

Space you make by releasing that what ties you to the old you and your old circumstances.

What are YOU unwilling to let go of?

What (or who) no longer has a place in your life?



P.S.: The day after I wrote this, clarity came.

You can read ‘This is what I’m invited to let go of now. (And YOU are invited to release this, too.)’ here.

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