My new book Write Your Non-Fiction Book in 3 Months (in only 30 minutes per day!)’ is here!

This book gives you everything you need to know to finish your manuscript in 3 months.

Like how to:

  • Prepare before you start writing. This sets you up for success and improves your book;
  • Embrace a positive mindset to make writing easier and more fun;
  • Overcome obstacles and doubts you might encounter along the way;

And lots of practical writing tips!

All you have to do is follow the steps and write. And before you know it, your book will be done!

When you order a copy BEFORE Tuesday, January 4, you receive this bonus:

Access to the Write Your Book Group!

In this Facebook group you receive inspiration, motivation and support to start writing AND get into a writing groove, so you can make a BIG start on your book and greatly enhance your chances of actually finishing it!

Or you can upgrade to the gold option which includes:

👉 access to the Facebook group;

👉 the e-book; version of Write Your Non-Fiction Book,

👉 AND the First Aid Kit for Non-Fiction Writers5 short & sweet master classes that show you:

#1 How to open your writing channel & invite in your writing muse

#2 How to stay motivated to write

#3 How to make writing easy & fun

#4 How to move through writer’s block & feeling stuck

#5 How to get back to writing after you took a writing break

If you want to write a non-fiction book next year (or know someone who does), Write Your Non-Fiction Book in 3 Months is for you!

You can order your copy + get your bonus (BEFORE January 4, 2022!!) here.

Will your book be birthed in 2022??



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