It’s almost December.

The time when many feel stressed when they look at their goals and what they HAVEN’T achieved (yet).

I know the feeling.

Way back when I still used to set goals, it always depressed me at the end of the year to see how far away I was from reaching some goals.

My list never grew as much as I wanted. My income often stayed behind my money goal. I still wasn’t living in my dream home. I didn’t sell as many books or programs as I wanted. And so on.

Sure, I accomplished a lot, too.

I surpassed certain goals and achieved things I didn’t even think of at the beginning of the year.

But my focus quickly shifted from what DID work to what did NOT go as planned.

This put a damper on my mood and made me judge myself and my actions (or lack thereof) harshly. What did I do wrong? Where did I drop the ball? What should I do different?

It. Did. Not. Feel. Good. At. All.

Until I changed two things:

One, I stopped setting goals. That was a HUGE relief in itself! Being goalless fits me SO much better.

But more importantly:

I stopped focusing on surface bullshit and focus on the ESSENCE instead:

On living a life that TRULY matters to me and fulfills me.

On being true to my soul, on following my heart, on honoring my excitement and joy.

I focus on what life, my soul, wants to express through me.

I focus on living my life to the fullest.

Which, for me, means to live my life driven by soul and love, instead of a life driven by ego and fear.

To live life from the inside out in a way that honors everything that deeply matters to me.

Yes, of course I love it when people say they love my books or programs. 

Yes, of course I feel happy and proud when I get great results and achieve some sort of ‘success.’

And yes, of course I feel disappointed sometimes when I’d hoped for better results.

But I KNOW that what TRULY matters is not the amount of money I make (even though I love to make lots of it), how many books I sell (even though I love to reach millions of people with my message and books), or how many likes my posts on social media get (even though I like it when lots of people like it 😉 ).

If you judge yourself, your business or your life based on your results and achievements or lack thereof, I invite you to gently let go of your focus on outer ‘success’.

Turn inwards instead. Focus on what TRULY matters to you in how you live your life.

What is it that makes you genuinely happy? Do you REALLY need more money / success / fame / adoration / results / or anything or anyone else to experience that happiness?

What makes each day, each moment even, TRULY valuable to you?

And how can you create a business and life that allow you to live the life that brings you GENUINE happiness and fulfillment?

Focus on that.

Oh, and if setting goals and measuring your achievements makes you feel genuinely good and help you live the life that deeply matters to you, carry on!

As long you’re not dependent on your accomplishments and success to feel happy, worthy, or loved …



P.S.: Want to create a business and life you ADORE?

A business based on what truly matters to you and how you most want to live?

A business that serves you and brings you all the freedom and space you desire?

“You were born with potential.

You were born with goodness and trust.

You were born with ideals and dreams.

You were born with greatness.

You were born with wings.

You are not meant for crawling, so don’t!

You have wings, learn to use them and fly!”


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(Oh, and that picture above this blog? Is a photo of my 2 super cute, small Christmas trees I put up around half November. Can’t do that too soon! ;-))

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