I recently reread the book ‘Quantum Revelation a radical synthesis of science and spirituality’* by Paul Levy.

It’s one of those books I LOVE, find hard to understand, and ‘get’ on a level that transcends my ratio simultaneously.

I can only read a couple of pages in one sitting, because my mind starts racing, new insights pop up, and things I already knew sink in at a deeper level.

During one of these sittings my mind started spinning again, and I decided to condense what I understood so far into to a couple of takeaways.

None of these were new insights, but each of these takeaways landed in a new way by reading this book.

I wrote down 33 different takeaways and picked 13 that most resonate with me now.

They’re simplifications in my own words of concepts Levy beautifully describes in his book.

Maybe one or more insights resonate with you now, too.

Perhaps it’s just what you needed to hear today:

#1 Time and space do not exist. There’s only one eternal now.

#2 Nothing that seems real, is real.

#3 There’s no outside, there’s only inside.

#4 Dreaming, imagining, and deciding are the keys to creation.

#5 Everything is created out of nothing, out of thin air. EVERYTHING.

#6 There are limitless options and possibilities in each moment.

#7 Quantum jumping or quantum leaping: you can go from one place (or state of being, or experience) to another WITHOUT following a path and WITHOUT time passing by. You just appear there. You quantum jump into it.

#8 Multiple realities exist at the same time.

#9 Observing is creating. Consciously observing is consciously creating.

#10 Everything you imagine is real somewhere.

#11 There are at least as many worlds as there are people.

#12 There is no limit to what you can create and are capable of.

#13 Whatever you decide to be true, is true for YOU.

Do any of these takeaways jump out for you?

If so, what message does it have for you?




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