When you plant an orange tree, you expect it to grow oranges.

You don’t expect it to grow cauliflowers. You don’t beg it to turn itself into a sunflower.

You don’t curse the orange tree for not giving you fish.

You don’t pray for it to learn how to tap dance.

You don’t want or expect an orange tree to be anything other than what it’s meant to be because that’s what it already is: an orange tree.

Why do you think it is different for you?

Why do you expect yourself to be anything other than what and who you already are?

Why do you think you could grow into something different than you’re born to be?

Why do you want to be someone you’re not or force yourself to do something you’re not born for? (Oh, and how you know you’re born for something is simple: you love it. You enjoy it. It just feels genuinely good.)

What if you treated yourself the same way you treat that orange tree:

By allowing yourself to be who you’re born to be and to do what you’re born to do.

What if you stopped trying to be less of who you are and decided to be even MORE yourself instead?

What if you allowed yourself to just BE?

What if, like that orange tree, all you have to DO is just BE YOU?




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