These times are intense.

Stress and fear are sky high. We all have our own ways to deal with that. And often, these ways don’t serve you.

I see people around me who started smoking again. I see people who eat too much; watch hours and hours of TV; or drink too much.

These are all ways to cope with stress, or more accurately: these are ways to avoid having feeling what you feel and healing what needs healing.

And they’re not the best ways to take care of yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with self-soothing IF your strategy truly benefits you.

I think you’ll agree that smoking or drinking aren’t necessarily good you. Especially when you use these strategies for longer periods of time.

My ways to self-soothe used to be smoking too much, drinking too much, and eating too much (and the food I ate too much of wasn’t healthy either).

I no longer smoke or drink, but there’s still room to improve my self-soothing strategies. Overeating (without REALLY enjoying what I eat) or watching hours of series (without REALLY enjoying it) don’t bring me back to myself and my inner calm.

They’re strategies to numb and distract myself, and no matter how welcome that is sometimes, I prefer to stop doing that.

I choose to BE fully present in each moment, because I KNOW that that’s ALWAYS the best and fastest way through whatever is bothering me. And it’s the only way to FULLY LIVE.

So I need new ways to self-soothe.

It’s okay to eat a lot—as long as I savor each bite. It’s okay to watch hours of series on Netflix—as long as I enjoy each minute.

There are other things I can do.

These will be my new go-to strategies in case I feel I need some extra gentleness:

👉 pull a card from one of my MANY beautiful card decks;

👉 take a walk;

👉 read a spiritual book;

👉 do yoga or some other form of gentle movement;

👉 listen to a guided meditation.

Do your self-soothing strategies still serve you?

If not, what can you replace them with?




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