The answers you seek are patiently waiting for you.⁣

Where can you find them?⁣

In the only place you can ever find YOUR truth and YOUR answers:⁣

In the silence within yourself.⁣

Yes, something or someone in the outside world can point the way to your answers. ⁣

What someone says or does, something you read, hear, observe or experience can show you the way to YOUR truth by resonating with you or triggering you.⁣

Pay attention to how you FEEL.⁣

When something lights you up, calms you down, makes you feel better, opens you up, or you simply deep down KNOW to be true, you found YOUR truth.⁣

Landing on YOUR truth feels expansive, even when the consequences of honoring that truth scare you.⁣

A part of you (or ALL of you) just KNOWS: yes. This is it. This is true for ME.⁣

When something feels (slightly) off, doesn’t sit right with you, makes you feel worse, contracts you, dims your mood, or you simply deep down KNOW to be somehow wrong, you found your truth as well: this is NOT true for you. Use this as information to find what does feel true for you instead.⁣

The tricky thing is that what’s true for YOU isn’t necessarily what’s true for others, too.⁣

And what’s true for others isn’t necessarily true for you.⁣

Something can be right for millions or even billions of people, and STILL be WRONG for YOU.⁣

Listen to the wisdom, answers and signs you find in your inner silence.⁣

Pay attention to how something makes you feel.⁣

Drown out the noise of the outer world.⁣

Drown out other’s opinions, beliefs, and expectations.⁣

What’s right for others is on them.⁣

What’s right for you is on you.⁣

You always KNOW.⁣

Listen to your truth and honor it.⁣

Even when this means you go against the grain and this makes you feel uncomfortable.⁣

Honoring your truth is by far more important than pleasing others or fitting in.⁣

If you honored what feels right & true for you, what would change?⁣

What would you do?⁣

What would you NOT do?⁣

You already know, baby.⁣

Please listen to yourself and honor YOUR truth.⁣



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