The day seemed to start super slow, and I let it. 

I followed its flow and was curious where it would lead me.

I wondered if I’d get something, ANYTHING, on my to-do list* done today.

Not that it matters either way. I was just curious to see where this day would bring me and what it would ask of me.

Turns out I did some ‘work**’ related things in the past hour, and with that, I could check a whole bunch of things on my to-do list.

Ha! What do you know.

Also: it would have been perfect if nothing on my list got done today.

When I follow my intuition and soul guidance, everything always gets done at the perfect time.

This works SO much better, FEELS so much better, AND saves so much time and hassle compared to forcing and pushing yourself to get shit done!

I know from experience.

I used to be get-shit-done and make-shit-happen oriented, and forced myself to take action most of my life.

Thank god I let go of that. 

It’s not me and it doesn’t work.


Do you always follow your flow? Or do you let your to-do list determine what you do?


*Yes, I have a to-do list. I just don’t let it determine what I do. I leave that up to my intuition and soul guidance.

**I don’t really think of things I do in terms of ‘work’ or ’not work’. Just like I don’t think about my time as ‘work time’ or ‘free time’. 

For me, time is life. And there’s no such thing as ‘work’. There’s what I feel inspired to do at times I feel inspired to do them. It doesn’t matter if it’s doing dishes or writing a book or having a client call or taking a nap. I simple follow what feels right in each moment.





Want to work WITH your energy and flow instead of against it, too?

Let go of pushing and forcing, but let your soul guide you instead?

So you feel more relaxed AND always get everything done without pushing yourself?

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