What if all you have to do is be YOU?

What if all you have to do is be true to your soul, put her first, follow her guidance until the end of time, take the actions she nudges you to do, and that. is. it?

The truth: this IS all you ever have to do. 

You were born to be you and to do what you love.

Everything you need comes to you as a direct result of that.

The only reason this seems impossible is that we’ve been taught this is impossible.

We learned that you need to make sacrifices to gain success; you need to play by society’s rules to get what you want; and you can’t just be who you are and do what you love, are you CRAZY? 

That’s not what makes the world go round!

Newsflash: what makes the world go round is a force and an energy you cannot comprehend.

It certainly doesn’t go round because of ANYTHING any human does!

There’s a consciousness, a Divine Intelligence at play that orchestrates and creates EVERYTHING.

It creates suns and stars and galaxies and moons.

It makes the sun rise and waves crash on the beach.

It created you.

It IS, in fact, YOU.

You are consciousness expressing itself through the human form you chose for this lifetime.

When you let that sink in, can you see how ALL you have to do is be you?

Can you see that who you are born to be is all you have to be, and that what you’re born to do is all you have to do?

👉 HINT: what you’re born to do = what you most love to do. It’s one and the same thing, baby!

Let this be what guides you in business and life and see how everything transforms for the better.

What would you do today if you fully trusted that all you have to do is be YOU and do what you LOVE?



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