No one knows what’s best for you but you

Don’t give away that power.

Don’t let others decide what’s true for you.

Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing anything that doesn’t feel 100% right for you.

Don’t follow advice that doesn’t resonate with you—even when this advice benefits most people on the planet, that still doesn’t mean it will benefit you, too.

And don’t try to force or manipulate others to do something you think is best for them, either!

Just like others don’t know what’s best for you, you have NO idea what’s best for others.

They don’t know your path and you don’t know theirs.

Focus on yourself, your truth, and what feels right for you.

Listen to your own intuition and inner knowing. You ALWAYS feel if something is true for you or not. Dare to follow your truth, wherever it leads you and whatever others may or may not think about it.

❤️ If you trusted that you always know what’s best for you and it’s completely safe to follow your inner knowing, what would you do or stop doing now?

❤️ What would you decide?

❤️ What would you change?




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