I’ve been coaching women to be true to themselves and do business & life in their own way, on their own terms, for two decades now.

And I’ve seen the same fear come up over and over:

The fear to no longer belong when you carve your own path.

Losing your sense of belonging is a big fear.

This fear goes something like this, mostly subconsciously:

If I no longer belong, I will no longer be loved. I will no longer matter and lose my right to exist. I’ll be cast out, lonely, alone, and I won’t be able to survive.

This fear runs deep.

It makes you abandon yourself, betray your truth, and do things you don’t want to do.

You lose your ability to think and act for yourself.

And the price of this is high – too high.

You’ll never find happiness, freedom or any sense of inner peace when you go against your own will.

This fear can come up when you decide to live life and do business in your own way.

That’s why I know this fear intimately myself, and have seen it in 99,99% of all my clients over the past twenty years.

Right now, there’s enormous pressure on people to get v*xxed.

For some, this is no problem because they genuinely feel good about getting v*xxed. If that’s you, good for you.

For some, this is no problem because they’re used to doing things their own way. They feel genuinely good about not getting v*xxed, and don’t let any pressure get to them. If that’s you, good for you.

For some, however, this is a problem.

They don’t feel good about getting v*xxed but they fear what will happen to them when they don’t. They feel the pressure and it scares them. What to do?!

If this is you, I cannot tell you what to do.

I can give you some pointers that will help you to A) feel into what’s best for you, and B) act on that, even when it scares you.

👉To help you feel into your truth:

What would you do if nothing scared you, and you trusted you’re always safe, you always belong, you’re always loved, and you can thrive in any and all circumstances?

What would you choose then?

👉To help you do your own thing, even when others want you to do something different:

❤️ Surround yourself with like-minded and like-hearted people. This can give you extra courage & support in case you need it.

❤️ You don’t have to earn the right to exist or belong; you belong because you are.

❤️ People who want to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do don’t truly love you, don’t respect you, and don’t have your well-being in mind.

They’re serving their own agenda and think they need you to conform so that they can get something they need. It’s not about you – it’s about them.

❤️ Listen within. Stop focusing on the outer world and pay waaayyyyyy more attention to your inner world. Get quiet. Breathe. Find calm within yourself and remember: no one knows what’s best for you but you.

❤️ Remember that going against your own will NEVER makes you happy. You always regret it and it eats away at you constantly. Doing something scary feels uncomfortable for a moment. Betraying yourself feels uncomfortable for a lifetime.

Good luck choosing, being, and doing you, whatever you decide!



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Simone Brockhuis, feelyourmind . nl

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