When you know something is right for you, there’s usually no reason to postpone it.

The main reason you postpone something you know is right for you, is fear.

That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with fear.

The only problem is that unaddressed fear doesn’t go away on its own.

If you wait to do something that scares you until your fear magically disappeared, you’ll still be waiting 50 years from now.

So why wait?

Why don’t you take a deep breath, look at the thing you know you want to do or that’s truly good for you, and explore what keeps you from taking action on it?

What’s the REAL reason you’re not following your desire / inner knowing?

Maybe your desire isn’t your genuine desire. Maybe there’s something else you TRULY want.

If so, what is it?

Maybe you’re afraid.

If so, what are you afraid of?

Explore. LOOK at your fears, your doubts, your questions.

Your fears don’t get bigger when you look at them. It only seems that way because you put the light on something that was hidden in the shadows before. This feeling will pass quickly, I promise!

Fears get smaller when you look them in the eyes, they always do.

Then, start asking yourself different questions.

Instead of asking what might go wrong or if things will work out, ask yourself this:

What if everything works out?

What if it’s easier than I think?

What if I’m stronger than I think?

What if what happens is more beautiful than I could ever imagine?

What if it’s more fun and brings me more joy than I think is possible?

What if the world opens up if I say YES! to this dream / decision / action / change /…?

(HINT: your world DOES open up when you say yes to yourself and what you deep down know is right for you. It’s always liberating. It always expands you. It always makes you stronger and lighter.)

If you stopped waiting, what would you do today?




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