Last Monday I started working again after a one-month vacation.

I was excited to start because I LOVE what I do and I have some great things I’m working on:

2 books (one almost ready for publishing and the other almost ready to go to the editor); a vague idea for a small group coaching program I’d like to explore further; and some other ideas I want to play with.

I expected to be in super flow and be super productive this week, but so far … crickets.

I’m moving super slow. The only inspiration that comes through is to take it easy and journal a lot.

This is not how I thought my back-to-work-week would go and my rational mind has a lot to say about this. ‘You should do more! You have so many things you want to do so start doing them! You’re wasting time! You’ll never get everything done if you keep this up!’

Many years ago, these thoughts were enough to talk myself into taking (massive) action, inspired or not, because back then, I believed that if I didn’t MAKE myself do things, I’d NEVER get anything done and would never achieve anything.

I no longer believe that. These thoughts are still there sometimes, but I no longer listen to them. I know better now.

I know that when I follow my flow & inspiration, EVERYTHING gets done as effortless as possible, at the perfect time.

Sometimes this means doing things I don’t feel like doing or that scare me. Sometimes it means that I’m still working on a project at 11 PM and sometimes it means to take it slow or do nothing.

There’s a rhythm to everything.

There’s an ebb and flow to each day, each week, each project. Sometimes you work and sometimes you rest. All you have to do is notice that flow and follow it.

If you feel like you should do more or wonder if you’re doing enough:

Relax. Breathe. Take a step back and FEEL.

If you trusted that everything always works out for you and that if you follow your flow everything gets done at the perfect time, what would you do today? What would you do this moment?

Be quiet. Listen. Observe. Notice your thoughts. Notice your feelings. Connect with your deeper knowing. And dare to follow where it leads you, whatever your mind thinks of it.




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