When you find the spot where your expertise meets what you love to do, you’ve found the sweet spot in your business:

You’ve found The Thing that you love to do, and your clients love to pay you for, because they KNOW you’re the go-to person on this topic.

Not everyone knows what their sweet spot is.


One reason is that you focus on what you’re good at and clients ask for—but what you’re good at is not necessarily something you love.

I’m good at many things I’m not interested in doing for a living, and I bet you are, too.

So how do you find your sweet spot?

By answering these two questions:

#1 What are you an expert at that you also LOVE to do? (Yes, you need to put your false modesty aside to answer this question. If the word ‘expert’ completely paralyzes you, replace it with what you’re good at. And don’t forget to work on claiming your value and expertise and upgrading your self-image and confidence after that. ;-))

#2 What would you love to be known for?

My answers are for example:

I’m an expert at doing business on your own terms, in your own way—I teach you how to grow your business AS A RESULT OF being true to who you are. I show you how to grow your business without compromising, sacrificing,  doing things you hate, or changing who you are.

I call that The Art of Divine Selfishness – and that’s what I want to be known for.

How about you?




Need help doing business on your own terms and growing your business without compromising, sacrificing, doing things you hate or changing who you are?

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