People often think that finding your purpose is hard.

I know—I used to think that myself a couple of decades ago.

And I’ve helped numerous people find their purpose for 2 decades now.

Call it your purpose, your calling, or doing what you REALLY want—they’re all the same thing.

And you find it, and MUCH more importantly, you LIVE your purpose, when you follow these signs:

🌀 Joy

🌀 Inspiration

🌀 Excitement

Pay attention to what brings you joy, to what inspires you, to what excites you.

Follow it. Act on it.

And voila: you live your purpose, you found your calling, you’re doing what you love.

It’s REALLY this simple.

The only thing that makes it hard?

Is dealing with the fears, doubts and inner obstacles that soften how up the moment you start following your desires.

But you can deal with that. You can move through it.

Pay more attention to your joy, inspiration and excitement.

Follow it more. You’ll feel so much happier.

And everything will flow to you with more ease as well.





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