The first step to carving your own path and doing life and business in your own way, is to give yourself permission to do that.

It may sound like a weird first step, but it’s a crucial step, and one that many people forget about.

I always check if my clients gave themselves permission to do what they love, pursue their uncensored dreams, get what they want, and do everything in their own way.

More often than not, they skipped this step and are surprised to feel that they did not allow themselves to carve their own path yet.

Check this for yourself as well.

Do you allow yourself to do what you love, exactly as you love it, and get everything your heart desires?

If you feel any tension or niggle of doubt when you ask yourself this question, chances are you need to give yourself permission.

Simply say the quote in the picture out loud.

Repeat until you no longer feel resistance or doubt when you say it.


“I give myself full permission to carve my own path and do everything in my own way, regardless of what others do.”

Quote from my book โ€˜The Art of Divine Selfishness โ€“ transform your life, your business & the world by putting YOU firstโ€™




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