Fear of being (more) visible is a very common block for many women.

During the first 2 years of my business I was SO scared of making myself visible, that I didn’t even have a website. 

And every time I reached a new level in my business, another layer of that same fear came up again.

You may fear visibility, too.

If so, know that this is a very common fear. You’re not the only one who suffers from it!

Also know that you can overcome this fear. I did, and so did my clients who used to be scared, too.

What helped me the most to overcome it, was to make a list of reasons why I wanted to be more visible. 

This is a simple yet powerful exercise because it takes your attention away from your fear, and focuses on the reasons why it matters to you to overcome it.

So, what becomes possible for you when you become more visible?

What changes for the better? How do you benefit? How does your business benefit? How do your clients benefit from you being more visible?

Make a list of 5-10 reasons.

When your list is done, pick the ONE reason that resonates with you most.

The reason that feels more important to you than your fear.

For me, it was being able to actually help people with my work. If no one knew who I was, I couldn’t do the work I love.

That was enough reason to, slowly, step-by-step, make myself more seen.

What does more visibility mean to you?

What feels so important to you that your fear pales in comparison?




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