Most people look outside for answers, guidance, and direction.

They look at what others do and either copy or reject that.

They look at others to tell them what to do and let what’s considered normal and accepted in their circles or industry determine their actions and decisions.

It’s okay to ask for help and learn from others.

Of course it is!

Just don’t let others’ opinions and beliefs sway you from your path.

Always, always, ALWAYS turn inwards before you act or decide.

Take a moment to feel what’s true for YOU.

And honor that, even when others don’t understand or even accept it.

Your actions and decisions don’t have to make sense to ANYONE but you.


โ€œIf you completely ignored what others do or say, if you only focused on your path and what feels good to you, what would be different?โ€

Quote from my book โ€˜The Art of Divine Selfishness โ€“ transform your life, your business & the world by putting YOU firstโ€™



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