Do you jump out of bed each morning because you can’t wait to get started on whatever it is you d

Do you regularly lose track of time because you enjoy what you do so much?

Are you driven by an exciting dream or vision that’s bigger than just making a living or getting by?

If you’re not excited about your business (or your life!) it’s time to make changes.

There’s always SOMETHING you can do that brings back more joy.

Start by reflecting on this question:

What would bring you true joy?

What would excite you?

The answers may not come up instantly.

That’s fine. Just ask them regularly, perhaps daily, and be curious to see which answers will pop up.

Don’t expect the answers to be here now. That only puts pressure on you, which closes your heart and mind to let inspiration come through.

Relax. The answers will come. They always do, at the perfect time.




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