Are you consciously making the most of your strengths in EVERY area of your business and life?

Or do you only use them in your work and forget about them in the rest of your life?

I know I often forget.

I’m super creative in coming up with ideas for others, for example.

I have great ideas for other people’s sales copy, program names, and marketing … but I often have to remind myself to turn on the creativity faucet for my own projects.

And I completely forget to use my creativity in other areas!

I forget to find creative ways to enjoy my workouts more. I forget to use my creativity to make boring chores more fun.

That’s a shame. Because when I DO remember to tap into my creativity, everything flows easier AND with more fun!

I know I’m not the only one who forgets to use my strengths sometimes.

I bet you do, too.

Let’s change that now, shall we?

First, make a list of things you’re good at.

Then, look at how you can use them more often, more consciously, and in ALL areas of your business and life.

Go crazy.

Ask your soul to bring you inspiration. Tap into your creativity.

I’m not the only one who’s creative—every human being is, including you!

Stop only looking at your ‘flaws’ and how to improve them.

Start looking at your strengths and how you can benefit more from them.





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