Here’s an effective way to make space for the next level in your business and life.

First, ask your intuition what the best place to start is. Your computer? Your closet? Your kitchen? Your bookshelves? Your archive? Your office?

Go to that place.

Then ask yourself:

What’s in here that keeps me tied to the past and prevents me from moving forward?

Let your intuition lead you again.

The answer may not always make sense.

You may not understand how throwing out a journal, a novel, letters from your aunt or a pair of socks holds you back. You don’t have to know. Your soul knows. Just follow whatever comes up.

When I recently asked these questions I was guided to my computer.

To my inbox, to be precise. There were old emails in there with a client from many, MANY years back that I was guided to throw away. So I did. I don’t know why they needed to go, but I trusted my soul’s guidance. (And I swear I felt something shift inside me when I threw them in the trash.)

What’s keeping you tied to the past and prevents you from moving forward?



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