Your past can hold you back, and often, it does.

How? Because you carry around stories and beliefs that no longer serve you and limit the options you see for yourself today.

Louise Hay once said:

“Would you really did into yesterday’s garbage to make tonight’s meal?

Do you dig into yesterday’s mental garage to create today’s experiences?”

You probably don’t open your garbage can and take out some scraps to serve at dinner tonight.

Unless you don’t have ANY money, most people don’t eat out of the trash.

But creating today’s experiences out of old mental garbage?

That’s what most of us do on a daily basis …

When you do that, you severely limit your growth and possibilities.

You keep recreating the same old experiences and results because you keep using old, outdated beliefs to create your current reality.

This happens mostly unconsciously. But it happens all the same!

The first thing to do to change that, is to explore which stories and beliefs no longer serve you, and to consciously let them go.

Ask yourself:

What story about myself, my business, or the world no longer serves me?

Whatever comes up, hand it over to your soul. Ask your soul to dispose of this mental garbage for you and clear it out of your system.

Then ask yourself what new story you’d like to embrace now.

What new and exciting story can you replace the old one with?

Every time you ditch an old story you create space for growth, for more love, for more light.

Enjoy throwing out your mental trash! 😉



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