Resistance is one of the biggest blocks to receiving and flow.

Every time you resist something, your energy stagnates. 

The less you resist, the more you can receive (inspiration, joy, love, flow, everything).

The less you resist, the more life-force energy can flow through you unhindered, and the better you feel.

I KNOW this. I’m learning to surrender and let go more and more.

And still, I resist things.

One BIG thing I resisted was the stupidest thing:

Reading glasses.

I MASSIVELY resisted them. For YEARS.

Partly because glasses feel uncomfortable. Partly because I’m vain. And mainly because I believe you can heal your eyesight without ever needing glasses.

I still believe that. I even bought an online program that helps restore your eyesight. But… the routines from that program feel like too much of a hassle, so I never did them.

What DID I do, you might ask, to try and heal my eyesight?

Well, ignore the fact my eyes were slowly getting worse, and wish for my eyesight to be magically restored to its factory settings overnight without me doing anything about it, of course.

Haha! Denial and ignoring what was truly going on—two forms of resistance. BIG resistance.

Until last week I realized I was doing myself a massive disservice in many ways.

So I gave in.

I bought 3 cheapo pairs of reading glasses in the supermarket, one for each room where I might need them.

They don’t look good, and I don’t look good in them, but I don’t give a shit. No one ever has to see them (besides Arjen), and I don’t have to look at myself, do I?

Some residue resistance, I know, I know—working on it. 

Sharing stupid pictures with my stupid glasses is a great way to let go of that last bit of resistance. 😉

There may be something in your life that you’re resisting, too.

(In fact, I’m pretty sure there is. It’s human nature to want to avoid things that make you feel bad or uncomfortable.)

It may be a truth you’re not willing to face; a fact you’re not willing to accept; a problem you’re not willing to address; an issue you’re ignoring or a dream you’re suppressing.

There’s no shame in this. There’s no reason to get mad at yourself.

There’s only a world to open for you, and a ton of light and energy to gain.

👉What, if anything, are you resisting?

👉What if you looked at it now?

👉What’s on the other side of that resistance?

👉How much energy, joy and who knows what else can you gain if you surrender and give up your fight against yourself?

(Because truly, that’s the only battle you ever have: in and with yourself.)



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