I LOVE journaling.

It brings me so much.

And not just me – there’s plenty of research about the power of journaling that shows that journaling:

👉Clears your mind

👉Helps you find answers, inspiration & insights

👉Helps you heal (on all levels, including physical!)

👉Boosts your mood

👉Helps you achieve goals / dreams

👉Reduces stress

👉Helps you tune into your truth, your dreams, your fears, etc. You get to know yourself and your motives so much better

👉Helps you overcome fears, doubts, obstacles, and blocks.

But not every type of journaling delivers the same benefits.

If all you do is bitch, complain, and moan, you’ll be worse of than without journaling.

And if all you write about is what you ate and who you talked to, the only thing that brings you (besides joy, if you like writing about that stuff) is a paper memory trail of how you spend your days.

I’ve found that one of the most powerful ways of journaling is to reflect on journal prompts.

Since I’ve been journaling most of my life, I have quite a collection of prompts to choose from.

An ever-growing collection, because I create new journal prompts all the time.

Coming up with good prompts or knowing where to start, is not something everyone is good at.

And even when you are, it can still be nice to journal on prompts someone else came up with for you.

That’s where my FREE 7-day journaling experience ‘Relight Your Life’ comes in.

For 7 days straight, you receive 1 or more journal prompts in your inbox, specifically designed to help you uncover what you REALLY want and ignite your dream life!

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