I’m about to take 4 weeks off and here’s what I’ll do:

Rest, relax, and read. A LOT of reading.

I’ll also be journaling. A lot.

Because I love journaling.

And because I feel a deeper layer of my vision and dreams are available to me. (And perhaps even a brand new dream I wasn’t aware of yet!)

Even though I’m clear on what I want, I still regularly check in with my desires.

Because desires shift, deepen, and change.

The journal questions I’ll use are available for you, too – for FREE!

I put them in Relight Your Life – a 7-day journaling experience to uncover what you REALLY want & ignite your dream life!

You can sign up for your own experience here.

Whether you already know what you want or aren’t clear at all: these powerful journal prompts will bring you the clarity you’re looking for.





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