Standing out and being different is easy.

All it takes is for you to be who you already are.

You already ARE different. There’s no one on this planet like you. Even when someone has the same opinion as you or has a similar business and message—you’re different.

The only thing you have to do is be true to yourself in everything you do.

To honor (and act on) your own truth, even when it feels uncomfortable. And to NOT change who you are or what you stand for, no matter what others think of that (or of you).

You can only be true to yourself if you first accept yourself. ALL of yourself. So, look at the parts you’re ashamed of or wished were different about you. Start accepting those.

That’s just the start, though.

After accepting yourself comes the next step:

Being proud of who you are, exactly as you are. Loving yourself, exactly as you are.

What about yourself don’t you fully accept yet?

What about yourself don’t you fully love yet?

Start there.

Not only will loving and accepting yourself help you be true to yourself, it also brings you so much inner peace.

When you no longer feel you have to change or hide who you are, you finally come home to yourself.

That’s what really matters. Being different and standing out are just nice bonuses.




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