You think you want more clients or more money in the bank.

But is that what you REALLY want? Most likely, it isn’t. You crave something else. You just think that more clients or more money are the ways your desire can manifest.

Focus on your true desires instead.

Ask yourself: why do I want this? How do I think I will feel when that dream is realized?

Answering those questions shows you what you REALLY want. You’ll feel it when you reached the core of your desire. A knowing calm comes over you. YES! THAT’S what you REALLY want!

Maybe you want more clients because you want to feel like what you do matters. Is that the ONLY way you can feel that? No. In fact, getting more clients will NOT make you feel like what you do matters at all! That takes inner work, healing, and self-love.

Maybe you want more clients because you want to feel more free. Is getting more clients the ONLY way you can experience more freedom? No.

What happened is that you felt a desire, and your mind started scrambling for ways to fulfill it.

Out of the options your limited mind came up with you picked this one goal. This happens unconsciously. But it happens all the same!

You think you know the BEST way to get what you want but the truth is that you don’t. And you don’t HAVE to know.

Because the universe knows. Your soul knows the best way to fulfill your TRUE desires. It may be by getting you more clients. It may be something different.

All YOU have to know is your TRUE desire. Focus on that. Listen to your intuition. Be open to insights, inspiration & opportunities that present themselves to you.

Let go of how you think your desires can be fulfilled and let the universe do its thing.

Who do you think is better qualified to bring you what you need? Your limited, rational, often fear-based mind, that spends a lot of its time firing doubts and limiting nonsense at you?

Or the Intelligence that creates flowers and galaxies and keeps the earth spinning through space without constantly bumping up to other planets? 



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