If there’s ONE thing that holds women back, it’s playing small. 


This can show up in many ways. I’ll take you through several ways over the next days to help you see where and how you may play small and with that, stifle your own growth and that of your business.


Today, #1:


Toning down your looks.


Maybe you’d like to color your hair purple but you don’t dare to stand out more.
Maybe you want to wear clothes in bright colors but you only wear black because it makes you more invisible.
Or maybe you tone down the design or colors on your website.


It’s basically everything you do to make sure that you don’t stand out too much and blend into the crowd.


There’s nothing wrong with wearing neutral colors or baggy clothes if that’s what makes you feel good.
But if you do it because you’re afraid to be criticized?
If you don’t do it because you’re scared to stand out?
If you don’t do it because you’re afraid you’ll be too much?
You’re making yourself smaller.


And the problem with that is that if you make yourself smaller in ONE area, you shrink ALL of yourself.
What would change if you weren’t afraid to stand out?







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