We always want to have control over what happens, and when, and how.

But the truth is that we’re not in control.

Yes, we can come up with plans and ideas.

Yes, we have control over the way we look at things.

Yes, we have control over our decisions, what we do, when we do it, and how we do it.

Yes, we can train our minds to serve us instead of hinder us.

But no, we are NOT in control of what happens after we acted.

We can’t control what goes on in the world, how others react or think, and we can’t control nature or life.

And your conscious mind is limited. It can’t see all options and possibilities.

I know how it feels to want to be in control.

I often want that, too! I’m SO much better at letting go than I used to be, but I’m not free of it yet.

But I know that the more I try to influence or force things to go a certain way, the more I hold on to control, the worse I feel. And my outcomes are worse, too!

The best ideas always come when you’re relaxed.

The phone always rings the moment you stop willing it to ring. The best things often happen unexpected. We call them luck or a coincidence, but whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: you weren’t trying to make anything happen. It just happened for you!

The more you let go, the better you feel, the better ideas you receive, and the easier things can unfold for you.


Facebook showed me the picture (above this blog) in my memories today.

It’s a picture of one of the quotes from the quote-book I used to have. In it, I collected quotes that spoke to me. But the collection grew so much that I couldn’t find anything in it anymore. Plus, it was still on paper, since I started it before I even had a computer (no one did back then). (Yes, I’m that old.)

So I took pictures from quotes I wanted to keep and threw the notebooks out.

This quote from Joe Vitale is a beautiful reminder to let go. I needed that reminder today, and maybe, you do, too. 🙂



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