“What if people don’t like it?” she said.⁣

“What if no one is interested in my new offer? What if it doesn’t work?”⁣

I looked at her and said:⁣

“What if it DOES work? ⁣

What if people LOVE your new offer?⁣

What if it’s the answer to their prayers?”⁣

I felt her energy shift and raise with every word I said. ⁣

Her eyes lit up.⁣

Her negative thoughts and perspective were lifted (at least for now).⁣

Her limiting thoughts may come back.⁣

Or they may not. What if they’re gone forever?⁣

It doesn’t matter.⁣

What matters is that you can ALWAYS shift your perspective. ⁣

When you do, your energy can shift in an instant.⁣

How do you look at your work, your business, the world?⁣

Do you look through the lens of “What if it goes wrong and doesn’t work?!”⁣

Or do you look through the lens of ‘What if it goes right and it works?”⁣

You never know how things can turn out.⁣

They may go wrong, yes, but they may also go right!⁣

You’ll never know until you DO the thing.⁣

Happy Monday!




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