Don’t get distracted by the noise in the world.

Don’t get distracted by what’s on the news (or by what you don’t see on the news).

Don’t get distracted by what the government does or doesn’t do—they may govern the country by they do not govern you.

YOU govern you.

Don’t get distracted by research about X or a survey about Y.

Don’t get distracted by the opinions and expectations of others.

Don’t get distracted by what’s considered ‘normal’ or ‘social’ or ‘desired’ behavior.

Don’t get distracted by anything in the outer world.

Don’t get distracted by any thoughts and emotions swirling around in your inner world.

Focus on this and this alone:

Your own inner voice.

Your own inner wisdom, knowing, intuition and truth.

Listen to what you deep down know is true for YOU.

Honor your truth ruthlessly and unapologetically.

When everyone says it’s not a good idea to do X, but you feel deeply called to do X?

Do X.

When everyone says it’s stupid to turn left but you’re called to turn left?

Turn left.

When everyone says it’s scientifically proven that everyone should do Y in the higher good of all, but you KNOW and feel deep down that for you, doing Y is not a good idea?

Don’t do Y.

Something can be right for 6 billion others and still be wrong for you.

Something can be true for 6 billion others and still be a lie for you.

Love and respect others but love your own truth and wisdom even more.


Because the only one who knows what’s right for you is YOU.






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